Featured Car of the Month

Q: How long have you owned your car? What were your plans when you purchased the car?
A: I purchased the car new in December of 2014, my original plan was to do a tune and exhaust and leave the car alone… that didn’t last long. I soon after put a twin turbo kit and built 6r80 transmission in the car and eventually put forged internals in the factory short block.

Q: Give us a general run down of the modifications to your 2015 Mustang?
A: I contacted SMR and they set me up with a single turbo hot side along with a Forced Inductions 91/100 turbo. During the turbo swap I made the decision to switch from a 6r80 to a powerglide transmission. The car currently has a built short block utilizing a Bear block, stock heads and cams, Gforce 9" rear end, custom painted carbon fiber cowl hood, along with full suspension, Billet Specialties wheels and numerous other changes I have made along the way.

Q: What’s one of your favorite things you’ve accomplished with the car?
A: I held the 6r80 record in the ¼ mile for roughly 3 months before someone eventually went faster than I did. My initial plan was to reset the record with the single turbo setup, however when we made the change to the powerglide that idea went out the window.

Q: What type of racing or events do you participate in with the car? Any key accomplishments?
A: I primarily do heads up drag racing with the car at this time. To date, my best time with the car has been 8.01 @ 171mph on 24psi.

Q: What did SMR assist with on your build?
A: SMR set me up with the hot side for the turbo kit as well as the Forced Inductions 91/100 turbo, along with multiple other parts for not only my car but many of my customers as well.

Q: What are you goals for 2020 with the car?
A: Right now, the car is getting an 8.50 cert cage which I purchased from Fathouse Fab. The goal is to take some additional weight out of the car and to go well into the 7’s in 2020

We thank Joe for taking the time to speak with us about his car and we wish him the best of luck in achieving his goals in the New Year.

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