Our Story


Here at Slo Mach Racing, we strive to focus relentlessly on our customers and community. Slo Mach Racing LLC began in 2018 but the appreciation for building cars, caring about the details and helping others has been a long time in the making. 

For us it's beyond a business, we care about performance in and outside the garage. 

Giving back is woven into our operations. When you buy from Slo Mach Racing LLC, you're also helping to plant a tree, improve livelihoods in under-served areas, support military families, save animals, and many more charitable initiatives that positively impact our world. 
Word of mouth remains the most powerful customer acquisition tool we have, and we are grateful for the trust our customers place in us through repeat purchases and referrals.

So help us continue to make a difference and we look forward to working with you. 


 -Vanessa & Jarred