Ford Racing 8.8" 34-Spline Torsen Differential for all 2015-2016 Mustangs.

This Torsen T2R differential is manufactured from Ford Racing to fit a rear end that is 8.8" along with 3.31, 3.55 or 3.73 Super 8.8" Gear Sets. As a standard part of the 2015-2016 GT Performance Package, this differential will take your Pony to a whole new level regardless if you are using it on the road or pushing it on the track. Designed to fit 34-spline axles, this differential will support a solid rear-end or new Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) installation.

These Ford Racing Torsen differentials use a worm gear friction system that will not wear out like conventional clutch-type positive traction differentials. These differentials ensure your engine's power is transferred to the wheels with the maximum traction. The unique torque-sensing ability of the Torsen design, and the smooth engagement of Torsen-style limed slip differentials, make them the perfect choice for your street, strip, or off-road vehicle.


Part Number: frM-4204-MT